WikiTerms are just some terms that are used in articles. These should be very familiar to every user of this wiki!


What's a stub? A stub is a short article, or an article which needs to be expanded. More information usually needs to be added to these kinds of articles. To insert a "stub" text, type in { {stub} } without the space between the brackets.

Citation neededEdit

Citation Needed basically means that a statement is not verified in any resource that has to do with The World of Speakonia, or something never happened in any episode of The World of Speakonia. For example:

"Microsoft Mike believes that the world will end in 2012.[citation needed]"

This means that no one has ever verified this statement! Plus, this was never revealed in any episode of "The World of Speakonia." The meaning is pretty simple, right?

"by whom?"Edit

This tag is often used on Wikipedia. It is often known as [by whom?] or [says who?]. This is when the article contains "original research" that no TTS voice from "The World of Speakonia" ever said. For example:

"It is said [by whom?] that Sam's "soi" glitch was caused by accidentally getting infected by roflcopter fuel."


This is just a minibook of some WikiTerms that everyone should know. Thanks for reading!