Alright. The day has come. I MUST complete this article. It is the constitution for this wiki. The constitution will take effect on October 2, 17:32 (5:32 PM) PST(GMT -8:00). This constitution is here so that no unharmonious arguments will happen, and that we can make this wiki a safe community for everyone.


Section 1- Content on this Wiki

  • All content on this wiki MUST be about "The World of Speakonia," "Speakonia Specials," and other Speakonia shows that have been on a1130TV ( Do not write about other TTS series that do not have anything to do with a1130TV or subjects that have nothing to do with TTS videos in general at all. This is not a TTS wiki where you can talk about your TTS shows (if you want to, go to
  • All content on this wiki must be written in good grammar. Wut that meens iz dat u can't mispelll wurdz liek I am in dis sentnce. you is Not tO write a sentences that Ain't not followed the standard english Grammar rules (like THis ONe). Do not write things in other languages besides English. Sometimes there are users from places where English is taught as a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th (you get the idea) language. That's the ONLY exception. Don't intentionally mispell things because you're lazy, etc. People in the US, UK, and Canada were taught proper grammar, and should USE proper grammar as well.
  • No vulgar langauge (cussing, sexual slang, etc.) is allowed on this wiki. This wiki is mainly intended for kids, so please be careful with what you say. No profanities (well, you can SOY them out, e.g. GODSOYITSONOFASOYPIECEOFSOYMOTHERSOYINGSOYHOLESOYSOYSOY) but it's still distracting and dirties the wiki. The only place where you can use them is in designated areas (e.g. famous quotes by Microsoft Sam, etc.)

Section 2- "Sponsored Links"

Despite the fact that there are those little "Sponsored Links" opportunities, don't apply for those. It just, well, doesn't make this wiki very clean. Plus, people who are unaware may think that we are affilliated with these ads when we aren't. This gives me time to say this: WE ARE NOT AFFILLIATED WITH ANY ADS ON HERE. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THEM, BECAUSE THEY MAY REDIRECT TO SOMETHING INAPPROPRIATE OR UNSAFE (such as an online casino or dating site). What that also means is no SPAMMING. We don't want this to happen (zero-tolerance):

Hey check out my super awesome videos! They are so amazing!!! And if you don't watch them you'll miss out on a lot of stuffs! Yeah go and watch them at

or inappropriate spam (yeah, I should've covered this in Safety, but whatever)

 Watch Super Schmexy pr0nz here at! I no u want 2!

Section 3- Safety

The most important thing about the Internet is that you keep everything private about yourself private. Don't give out personal information like your birthday, your address, your full name, your Wikia account/e-mail/forum account/Scratch account/YouTube account/whatever account (you get the idea) password, your Social Security number, your credit card number (well, who would be that stupid?), etc. etc. People could stalk you (xP), hack your account, and steal/sell information Also, don't EVER tell people what time you are at home alone. (Once somebody I knew in real life made that foolish mistake and that person from the Internet broke into their house and kidnapped him. He got rescued though, but not everybody is that lucky.) Don't schedule to meet in person with someone you only know over the Internet. A person pretending to be a ten year old could actually be a twenty year old who has commiting crime on his mind.

Section 4- Vandalizing (and the punishment that comes with it)

Vandalizing is deliberately editing something so that it is inappropriate, "gibberish'd" (e.g. Radar Overseer Scotty was a sreifuyah3r in the w0rld of Spek3rfg), or messed up in some sort. It is not tolerated in the form of a Very Severe Issue and will result in a permanent block. It's THAT serious.

Violating anything here (besides the Safety section)

Violating any of the rules in this Constitution (besides the Safety section, because we aren't responsible for that) will result in blocking for extended periods or some other action. Do NOT request to get un-blocked early. There's no such thing as that. Here's the "Scale of Violating Rules" (below):

Level 1- Minor Issue

Summary- Violating 1-3 rules in here minorly, meaning that it does not require a long time to undo it, cussing on a talk page

Punishment- The user will be asked to change everything that they have altered. They will not be blocked.

Level 2- Moderate Issue

Summary- Altering multiple pages, mildly violating rules, cussing on many pages

Punishment- The user will be asked to undo all of their work and be blocked for 2-3 days (and maybe longer if a1130 doesn't have time to use the computer).

Level 3- Severe Issue

Summary- Vandalizing a whole page, replacing images with inappropriate content, spamming excessively, too much use of vulgar words

Punishment- Will be asked to undo all their work. Blocked for a week or two.

Level 4- Very Severe Issue

Summary- Vandalizing many pages, replacing multiple images with inappropriate content, spamming excessively, excessive use of vulgar words, vandalizing the home page

Punishment- WIll be asked to undo all their work. Permanently blocked, especially if they are (or previously were) admins.

Well, that's it. Feel free to give suggestions in the Talk Page!