Sam's Worst Nightmare is a Speakonia Special that aired on American Thanksgiving (November) 2011. This was a1130TV's last Speakonia Special until the 2013 acquisition from MiaFan2010 Studios.

Plot Edit

Sam wakes up and goes to the bathroom, when his servant, Mr. Information Robot, has given him a set of rules for using the toilet. Sam doesn't follow the rules, and ends up having no breakfast. He finds a cookie, but then he realizes it's actually a Cookie Virus Installation Disk and he will explode in 5 minutes. Then Sam wakes up in real life and realizes all that happens was a dream, but Mr. Information Robot says he was also going to make a Rules for the Toilet sign in real life. Sam becomes extremely mad.

Reception Edit

Because of a1130 being lazy and the low ratings of the November 2011 a1130TV broadcasts, it still managed to get a couple of love-its and favourites as of 2018. a1130TV was later acquired by MiaFan2010 Studios in 2013 because of the Scratcher's inactivity. This Speakonia Special got inspired by the acquirer's (MiaFan2010's) interests, mostly by watching My Little Pony (since 2012) and Sailor Moon (since 2014), including the Sailor Moon Crystal series (2014), Equestria Girls Mirror Magic (2017), and Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree (2016). Also in 2013, MiaFan2010 Studios (the new company of a1130TV) created StarFlyers Adventures, which was well received by critics and Scratchers alike, and succeeded the Speakonia Specials right after a1130's inactivity a year before.