Note: Contains major spoilers.

Scott Moseiwitch Vladimir Lofrcopterius Achilles Radarius Overseeriaus XVII, commonly called Radar Overseer Scotty (b. March 21, 1997 aged 15) is an ex-antagonist of Microsoft Sam. He is well known for his unusual, harsh sounding high-pitched voice, though his voice can be adjusted to sound lower. He is portrayed by the Speakonian voice Adult Male #1, American English.

Radar Overseer Scotty


March 21, 1997 (currently aged 15)


Radar Overseer Vikram, Radar Overseer Gordon, Radar Overseer Robert and various other Radar Overseers in different countries

Predicted but not planned death:

October 22, 2013 (will be aged 16)

Early lifeEdit

Scotty was born as Scott Moseiwitch Vladimir Lofrcopterius Achilles Radrius Overseeriaus XVII to a "European highly aristocratic family," according to some un-released Daily XPaper news articles that are only known to a1130, on March 21st 1997 in Moscow, Russia, of French, Polish, Italian, and Russian descent.

Scotty had failing grades in school. Most of the students that were once in the same grade has him started to skip "5 grades at a time," according to Scotty's brother, Radar Overseer Gordon (who would be introduced in future episodes of The World of Speakonia). Because he was severely held back, Scotty's family moved to Speakonia. There he was often bullied and laughed at, especially by young Microsoft Sam, who had once attempted to glue Scotty's pitch settings to the highest level. He was rather unsucessful from early life and onward.

Later life and predicted deathEdit

Scotty is currently ranked Chief Radar Overseer of Speakonia City (which is the lowest rank that anybody working for Speakonia's government can have), while Microsoft Sam and Mike went on to becoming mayor. Currently, he has a weird obcession for "egg salad tuna bacon lettuce potato tomato tuna crab salmon sandwiches" and other unusual, exotic types of foods. He also seems to like things that involve large amounts of words or items. Microsoft Sam and Mike have tried to stop him from eating so much food, but it has only triggered The Grand Speakonian War and other similar catastrophes. In "Microsoft Sam and the ROFL-9000," he seems to be obcessed with "stir fried baloney and vegetables" which he often confuses with cheese puffs. The dropping of the bowl caused the "ROFL-9000 conflict" as a result.

Leaked reports from a1130 have said that Scotty will EITHER be 1)destroyed by a group of "Information Robots" OR 2)executed by Microsoft Sam.

Famous quotesEdit

  • He [Microsoft Sam] took the life of the AMAZING egg salad tuna bacon lettuce potato tomato tuna crab salmon sandwich!
  • Sam, I hate you and will hate you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and...
  • Oh, and one last thing to say...
  • No no no no no no no no no no no no no!
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ReferencesEdit was used to create Scotty's "The World of Speakonia" universe full name. In the video (Akriloth2160's universe), Scotty's full name is slightly shorter.


[1]This is a phrase that Microsoft Sam is always annoyed by- usually, the file format of the show is a lot less than Scratch's file size restrictions when the quote is said.

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