Both Speakonian and Natural Microsoft Sam (Microsoft Sam as he appears in Narrator) are known for a speaking disorder in which many words are mispronounced. Here is an incomplete list of words that they cannot say:

Microsoft Sam as we all knew him. xD


  • Most famously (or rather, infamously), he cannot say SOI/SOY. Instead, he makes a rather odd slurping noise. When SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI... is typed, it will sound (somewhat) like helicopter blades. This lead to a popular meme known as the ROFLcopter.
  • However, it is easy to make Microsoft Sam say SOY correctly. Natural (SAPI5) Microsoft Sam will say it correctly when it is typed as "s'oy" or "soe", and Speakonian (SAPI4) Sam will say it correctly when it is typed as "soei" when "soy" is followed by a word that starts with an "l" or a "w," (e.g. "soi water," "soi leap"), he will say it correctly (oddly enough).
  • Typing in "enjoy the" will cause him to mispronounce "enjoy." (in both Speakonia and Narrator) He will say "Enj*ROFLcopter noise* the." "Enjoy" by itself or followed by a word beside "the" will be said correctly though. This sounds much like the SOI/SOY glitch.
  • Typing in "crotch" in Narrator (Natural/SAPI5 Sam) will cause him to say "crows nest," with the realized pronounciation said when "krotch" is typed. This glitch is fixed in Speakonia.
  • "Ped" will make a spitting noise (or a splashing noise, according to MSSAM Wiki) in Narrator, but not Speakonia.
  • "Nevada" will be pronounced as "Ne-ta-da" in both Speakonia and Narrator.
  • Australia is pronounced as "Orfstralia" in both Speakonia and Narrator.
  • Pixar will be pronounced as "p-sher" in Narrator.
  • Toyota is pronounced as "Toy-to-da" in Narrator.
  • 0000 will be said as "hundred" in Narrator. In Speakonia, he just says "zero zero zero zero."
  • "Ha" is pronounced as "fa" in Speakonia and Narrator. Typing "ha ha ha" (there has to be spaces in between each "ha"- not "hahaha") will sound like he is saying the "f-word" with a strong British accent. "Hahaha..." in Narrator will sound (in full speed) like "folly folly fake fake folly folly." In Speakonia it is incomprehensible, but it sounds similar to "ball lol lol ha lol ha" or something similar.
  • "Ch" will make Natural Microsoft Sam will say "chapter." Speakonian Sam says "c h."
  • "Bling" sounds like "be yelling" in Narrator, but not Speakonia.
  • "Antivirus" will be pronounced as "anti-veerus" in both versions.

Sound effectsEdit

  • SOI SOI SOI- obviously, a ROFLcopter. When reversed in Sound Recorder or any other audio editor, it will sound like repeatedly smashing on an object.
  • Typing "tce tce tce tce..." in Narrator will make Sam sound like a sprinkler. (In Speakonia type "axxxxxxxx...")
  • Typing "axxxxxxx" in Narrator will also sound somewhat like a helicRopter.
  • "lololololol" in Speakonia will create some sort of gurgling sound.
  • "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" will make Natural Microsoft Sam sound like a motorcycle. (In Speakonia he won't say anything.)


MSSAM Wiki's page



One of Sam's most famous glitches, the SOI/SOY glitch, led to this popular Internet meme called the ROFLcopter.

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