Microsoft Sam is a Windows text-to-speech voice introduced in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. In the OS Windows Vista, it was decided that he should be replaced with Microsoft Anna.

Microsoft Sam
Microsoft Sam as depicted in Thunderbirds101's show and in the special TV broadcast of "The World of Speakonia."


1980s-1990s (around the same time as Scotty) (aged 20-30)


Alive, 1st mayor of Speakonia City

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Microsoft Anna



Known for:

Speaking disorder

In addition to being a text-to-speech voice and helping the disabled people without eyesight, he is also the main character of The World of Speakonia and other TTS series.

Early lifeEdit

Microsoft Sam was born in Speakonia City to unknown parents. It was said that Microsoft Sam's personality reflects that of Bill Gates (comedy encylopedia Uncylopedia has Microsoft Sam's page redirect to Bill Gates), however, it was revealed in Episode 2 of The World of Speakonia that his personality was very different.[citation needed]

Speaking disorderEdit

Microsoft Sam is known for mispronouncing many words. An incomplete list can be found here:

  • He cannot say SOY/SOI correctly. When it is typed, he makes an odd slurping noise. When SOY/SOI is typed repeatedly and the speed settings are at it's highest, it is said to sound like a helicopter. This lead to a popular meme called the "ROFLcopter." However, if the word after it starts with the letter "L" or "W" (e.g. soi weak, soi lord), he will pronounce it correctly. "Natural" Microsoft Sam will pronounce "soy" correctly when it is typed as "s'oy," and Speakonian Sam will almost say it correctly if "so-e" is typed.
  • He cannot say "Enjoy" correctly when it is followed by "the." For example, if you type "Sit back, relax and ENJOY THE show," he will mispronounce enjoy. However, if you type "Sit back, relax, and enjoy," he will pronounce Enjoy correctly.
  • In Speakonia, if you type "axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx," he will sound like a sprinkler. In Narrator, he will sound like a more realistic helicopter.
  • "Tce tce tce tce..." will make Natural Microsoft Sam sound like a sprinkler.
  • In Narrator (but not Speakonia), he will mispronounce "crotch." Instead, he will say "crowsnest."
  • In Narrator and Speakonia, Microsoft Sam's laugh ("hahahaha") sounds different from other voices (e.g. Radar Overseer Scotty, Microsoft Anna, and even Microsoft Mike). It sounds something like "folly folly fake fake folly folly" in Narrator and in Speakonia, it sounds like a combination of the words "lol," "ha," and "ball."
  • In Narrator, typing in all capital letters will speak one letter at a time.
  • In Narrator, typing in oooooooooooooooooooooooo and play it in full, he sounds like a helicopter.
  • In Narrator, ending any letter or word with a German eszett (ß) will cause the word or letter to play without a stress.

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