Microsoft Mike is the younger brother of Microsoft Sam.

Microsoft Mike


1990s (aged 20-30, but younger than Sam)


Microsoft Sam (brother), Microsoft Mary (cousin), Bill Gates (adoptive father)


Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mary, Radar Overseer Vikram


The egg salad tuna bacon lettuce potato tomato tuna salmon crab sandwiches, Radar Overseer Scotty, other Radar Overseers


Trusted Tech Support Inc., Windows XP, Microsoft, Speakonia, L&H, CFS Technologies


Microsoft Mike as he appears in Thunderbirds101 and a1130 TTS videos.

He has made few appearances, and like most voices, is available in a SAPI4 ("Speakonian") version and a SAPI5 ("Natural") version. Like Sam, he is also a protagonist in "The World of Speakonia," and serves as Microsoft Sam's tech support person. In addition to being a helpful tech support person, he is also the Mayor of Speakonia (according to a leaked a1130 video).

Early lifeEdit

Microsoft Mike was born as a SAPI4 voice sometime in the 1990s in ROFL City, LOLinois (part of the United LOLs of ROFLica). His biological parents are unknown, but when he was very young he became adopted by Bill Gates as an expiremental (and optional) text to speech voice. It has been determined that his biological (and adoptive) brother is Microsoft Sam, and Microsoft Mary is his biological cousin (not adoptive).


Microsoft Mike (according to a leaked a1130 video) is the current (and third) mayor of Speakonia, while Microsoft Sam was the first mayor and Microsoft Mary was the second. He also has a part time job as a tech support person with Trusted Tech Support Inc.


Microsoft Mike is nowhere as popular as his older brother Microsoft Sam. As an optional TTS voice for Windows XP, he has remained pretty much hidden and unknown. However, CFS Technologies discovered this young and interesting voice and decided to add him, Sam, and Mary's voice to Speakonia, where his popularity has risen. Thunderbirds101 occasionally uses him in his TTS videos, where as a1130 has featured him in a number of episodes in "The World of Speakonia" and in a Speakonia Special, his version of "Microsoft Sam Fails At Tech Support." There have also been rumors that Microsoft Sam had treated Microsoft Mike unfairly (with some saying that there were varying degrees of abuse), but this theory and disputed and it is likely that it is untrue. This statement has been verified by a1130 to be false.