Katie Cadet is the main protagonist of the StarFlyers. As part of the acquisition of a1130TV from MiaFan2010 Studios, she first appeared in 2013's "StarFlyers Adventures". She is a girl with an extraordinary imagination, and she is part of a team of StarFlyers with AJ The Super Spinner, Klanker and IO. She has a crush on Brittany, the Protagonist Girl from LEGO Friends 1999, and she dreams about being a professional race driver when she grows up (either Formula One or NASCAR). She is currently voiced by IVONA Salli / FromTextToSpeech Daisy.

Katie Cadet is the first character in a1130TV history that is voiced other than Speakonia and AT&T Voices. She is the second female sidekick of Microsoft Sam in the Speakonia Specials (other than Microsoft Mary), and she is only 9 years old! In 2002, she appeared in games created by The Learning Company: Royal Jewel Rescue, and Alien Space Chase.


She has brown hair and a futuristic space suit.

Shows appearedEdit

StarFlyers Adventures (all seasons)


Brittany (the Protagonist Girl from LEGO Friends 1999) and Microsoft Sam

Character Designed byEdit

The Learning Company

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