Brittany (the Protagonist Girl from LEGO Friends 1999) is a 16-year-old teenage girl who first appeared in "StarFlyers Adventures Season 3" as part of the acquisition of a1130TV from MiaFan2010 Studios. She is a former member of Tuff Stuff, which on the LEGO Friends 1999 game would allow you to create your own music and scrapbook pages that you can listen to and print out! She is Katie Cadet's assistant since she first met her in 2150 AD after the events of the 2014 film "StarFlyers: The Path to Queen Serenity's Palace". She is voiced by IVONA Kimberly / FromTextToSpeech Alice.

She is the second character in a1130TV history to be voiced other than a Speakonia or AT&T voice. She dreams of being on American Idol one day as a singer, and helps out Katie Cadet in case something goes wrong with her. She is also a very good electric bass player at her time at Tuff Stuff with her friends Joolz, Mimi, Anita and Emma.


Brunette, Blue Eyes, Confident

Shows appearedEdit

StarFlyers Adventures (Seasons 3 onwards)


Katie Cadet

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IVANOFF Interactive, Flipside, Tiny Film APS, and LEGO Media International

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