A1130TV ConstitutionEdit

The new a1130TV constitution can be found at Please look at it now and do NOT violate any of the rules in here (unless you want a punishment).

Welcome to the A1130TV Wiki (formerly "The World of Speakonia" wiki)Edit

This wiki is about the comedy "The World of Speakonia" made by a1130 on Scratch ( and other a1130TV productions. Instead of most shows made on Scratch, a1130 uses Speakonia's TTS voices instead of human voice actors.

How you can contribute to the wikiEdit

So you want to create/edit pages, right?

Well don't worry, the Wikia Help wiki has a help page that is devoted to editing! This can help you with most of your troubles.

What about stuff that isn't mentioned here? Wikia Help will cover most of it.

"Citation needed?" "Stubs?" "By whom?" This makes no sense!

It will though. Check out the WikiTerms page! It will help you with most things.


  • On July 18th, Episode 3 of "The World of Speakonia" was uploaded to Scratch.U
  • University of Nigeria is on the match to greatness. Visit

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