The "Natural" Microsoft Voices are the voices of Microsoft Sam, Mike, and Mary as they appear on Narrator and Text Speaker. Their speech patterns differ very much from that of Speakonian Microsoft Voices.


Even though L&H designed the Microsoft voices, the Microsoft voices as they appear on Narrator are different from the Microsoft voices as they appear on the L&H TruVoice Engine (Speakonia). The Microsoft voices as they appear on Narrator are known as the "Natural" Microsoft voices. Ironically, most of the speaking disorders that Microsoft Sam has are on the "Natural" version and the "Natural" Microsoft voices actually have very odd speaking and phrasing fluctuations.

Text Speaker offers both Natural and Speakonian voices.

"Natural" Microsoft SamEdit

"Natural" Microsoft Sam appears as an antagonist in most TTS videos.

Natural Microsoft Sam


Windows XP


Season 4 in FWE


Most TTS antagonists, Windows XP, Narrator

As a voice much more glitchy than Speakonian Microsoft Sam, he is actually from Windows XP, while Speakonian Sam is actually from Windows 9x (Windows 2000). He also happens to be more robotic than Speakonian Sam in terms of phrasing.